About 10-41 Strength and physical therapy

10-41 Strength & Conditioning is the first in the State of Alabama to partner strength coaches with a full-time physical therapist. This model is implemented in the professional sports realm and now with 10-41, this model is offered for our athletes. Bringing the “professional treatment and training” concept to our teams allows for improved strength, improved flexibility, increased power, increased muscle endurance, and decreased injury risk, which results in improved overall performance. Athletes can be immediately assessed throughout training sessions by the physical therapist allowing for the programs from the 10-41 coaches to be implemented at an optimal level.

Coach Jeff Hannah, owner of 10-41 Athletics, is a former collegiate football player from UAB followed by a professional career with the Birmingham Steeldogs Professional arena football team. He holds the following certifications: USAW Sports Performance Coach Level
1, USAW Sports Performance Coach Level 2, ISSA Specialist in Strength and Conditioning, ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist, ISSA Plyometrics to enhance SQS (strength – quickness-speed), ISSA developing power and speed in sports, and ISSA Specialist in Sports
Nutrition. Coach Hannah carries 17+ years of strength & conditioning experience which includes athletes 8 years of age to professional level.

Courtney Green, DPT, C-PS is a graduate of the UAB School Doctor of Physical Therapy, Champion Performance Specialist certified, and bachelor degree in Respiratory Therapy from UAB. Courtney brings extensive experience in her field and has worked as a physical
therapist in multiple settings including Cullman Regional, TherapySouth, UAB, MedWest, and Trinity Medical Center. With previous experience as a multiple sport athlete including a
former collegiate golfer, Courtney has brought a diverse skillset to physical therapy at 10-41 Strength and Conditioning. Courtney has over 10 years of experience as a Physical Therapist and 5+ years of experience as a Respiratory Therapist.

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